About Us

Basement set-up for our first summer chess camp in 2017.

Our History

We have loved playing chess since Elementary School and began teaching in the summer of 2017 as a way to introduce the game to more local kids. At the time our business was nothing more than teaching young kids the basics of chess in our basement. Originally known as "The Iyer's Summer Chess Camp," our main goal was to simply help kids understand the game of chess, spread the love of the oldest board game to others and maybe recruit some chess kids for our school's chess club. However as time went on, our small community expanded. The summer chess club became an annual event with many of the same kids enrolling year after year.

Once COVID-19 struck, our goal evolved from teaching strategies and tactics to also giving back to the community that had helped us grow. This resulted in creation of our non-profit "Chess for Charity" in November 2020. During COVID, as was everything else, we also went virtual and our students grew from being local to three different time zones and many states across USA! & then we got the 501(c)(3) certification!

Faces behind Iyer's Chess

Aneesh is fourteen years old and is rated 1100+ in USCF. He is in 8th grade and is hopes to be a scientist in the future.

Ayush is sixteen years old and is rated 1300+ in USCF. He is a sophmore in the STEM academy (computer science) who hopes to be a game developer in the future.

Akshat is eighteen years old and is rated 1600+ in USCF. He is a freshman at UPenn and is pursuing a major in Computer Science.

Our wins (in pics)..

USCF Nationals, May'2017

SCC Award, May'2016

USCF Nationals, Apr'2018

USCF Nationals, May'2016

NJ State, Nov'2017

ICA, 2015

Regionals, Feb'2018

ICA, Jan'2020

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